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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Brain Fever, from Calgary and Crippled Children, from Edmonton

Hey kids,

This last Friday we (Flint) played a show at Alberta Ave Hall with our friends Brain Fever from Calgary. This band is insane. You can download a live set they played on CJSW 90.9 here :

You should also check out the following links:

We also played with another amazing band Crippled Children from here in Edmonton. Their EP ''PP PP EP PP'' is available for free download from their bandcamp page and I highly recommend you do so. 

I just have to say how stoked I am on whats coming out of our music scene here. We are very fortunate to be able to play with so many amazing bands. SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC.


yr grandpa buckwheat

new beats


I came upon a couple FREE bandcamp albums today. Grab both, for serious!!
Pogflipper aka Infinite Potentials- "Momentarily Lost"

Saturday, January 29, 2011

January mix

Here's a 20 minute mix of some hip hop/downtempo stuff. Some old, some new. Take a gander. If there's a track you wish to be removed, just give us a shout in the comments and we'll be happy to.

roof light- kitetails and redwings
odie schweez- better one
mike gao- hubris produca
knxwledge- insite
teebs- autumn antique
samiyam- cheesecake backslap
space kid- day dealz
annu- why
remano eszildn- s-track
ad bourke- sp

new flint lrx

no time for trusting me, no would touch me 'cause i don't have steady hands, or a bolted heavy stance. frantic and decoding glances, well, why aren't they, too, panicking? and the price for a coffee nowadays. and now in a daze... i do my palates on a pie plate. it's safe to be a saint today, i'm sad to say. ((i live here in butter ripple fantasy with poltergeists at shoulder height. they scrape my face with fear ON THE NIGHTLY). meanwhile at milk chocolate factory, the workers speak of daydream hairdos and prices they pay FOR THEIR VICES). split me open 'cause i got no guts and i drink too much and i talk too much and now i've said too much. i've said too much. mother, may i eat my mouth, mother, may i?

the last of the worthy thoughts are coasting to a stop. kind of wholly lonely, mostly going postal, slow groaning, slowly growing, go to hell. losing hair. losing interest. losing sleep. can you tell? nothing looks the same. re-paint. ok, i guess i get it: selfish times, selfish measures. whatever, paint it thick. OH! A Bonus?! GO HOME. Grin for Goodies?! FUCK, NO. and cancel this years' big reunion, (somehowijustthinknoneofthemaredyingtoseeyousorryhoney). got passive and stayed conventional. plenty of time to mull over the plenty of times you got cold shoulders. lost my little buoy. here's my neutral disappointment dance. we can all afford to avoid it. give me a new phrase and i'll coin it, and we'll all pay to ignore it. it's such a chore to think about it. so then, i guess i won't. watch me cut it off, now. SUCH A CHORE  TO THINK ABOUT IT! i'll be in the clubhouse. i've got all this time to mull it over. well, well. don't dwell. cut it off! RIGHT NOW! okay. i'll be in the clubhouse.

it's ok. no, really, it's ok. just walk around me. although that's something that i'm used to it is one more for the pile. i lie to get away. rolled 3 of them, nothing came of them. i do want something to come of this. when? at least something candy-coated to show for this. what? when? what? when? what? my filthy plot is caught up coughing up imploding selfless thought. when? what? when? what? smoked 3 of them nothing to show for them. when? what? and all the while i look back to pile. when? ask: when the fuck...? what fucking happened? what? when? what? when? what? when? what? when? she left us crying about where we went wrong. it's the way it is/throw it on the pile. it's that slice of cake, (with glass baked inside). my insight says i'm down when i'm down i'm UP, no, i'm down. the people here, it kills them to smile, that's one more for the pile. my home is a birdhouse i don't grind my teeth for fun, it's automatic. i should have rolled 4.

do you think i'm cold heart-ed? well i inhabit a deepfreeze. i dwell in a fridge. i was raised in the tundra, baby, it's just my nature. oh, to be talking trash and thrashing, kicking cups off the coffee table. do you think it pleases me to keep chrysalids? it's for these reasons that i re-assess the samples. i do nibble on the pieces. little bits of a thesis are sneaking in through a personal jesus. my eyes are inside out, upside down, and filled with doubt. duplicate lines, sleep decay, dreaming past what i can say. i think looking back, spacious and ungrateful, must have been a mistake, oh well, refrigerate the past. concave view of the cave. i'm no sort of mine for diamonds. i'll mime the events that shaped me into such a complex. whitewash for tolerance, it was all self loathing gluttony any how, i've been mustering up some personal antibiotics for division, division, division. schism, schism, schism.  slap on the dijon and call me uncle. my eyes are inside out, upside down, and filled with doubt. duplicate lines, sleep decay, dreaming past what i can say. enough of my muttering, my stuttering, i can make this buttery. a vision of division, division, schism, schism. "son, put some fucking skip in your step!". my eyes are inside out, upside down and filled with doubt. duplicate lines, sleep decay dreaming past what i can say. oh, to be talking trash and thrashing, kicking cups off the coffee table, i can make this buttery! slap on the dijon and call me uncle!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Get Yr Fruske On

get your fruschkshon witcha gurrrl. gonna give it to ya.


Those aren't actually the lyrics to 'Grin Diesel' by your friends in Fuck the Tundra. Those are right below this paragraph. Well it's about time, wouldn't you say? I get an email every now and then for lyrics, and, well, it just kind of seems like doing it this way makes a lot of sense. In case you were ever wondering what the fuck was going on in the middle of the chaos, these are the words to the grin diesel tape.

gintro [kirk/ben]

the pigeon super shuffle.
then naked slime dude! (slime dude hobbies include sandwich swaps at ghost-pigeon picnics)
the pigeon super shuffle.

good harvest [ben/kirk]

self exhortation. all crowded, all clouded in excess, no exits or take-backs.
not stoked on spiked punch, trains derail themselves. the idea of: a gray scale circus of laughs lacking the muses.
and be sure to use trusty bait when fishing.
conscious effortlessness invites abrasive energy to pervert development. insignificant carriers attempt to prevent progress and i can't grasp why i ever complied.
wow. that was a good harvest.
in the thick of it all we tried to cash out copped out punchlines, and question the core in crunchtime.
cherry picker, could you pick it out? that collecting, shouting "doubt!"
self exhortation, all crowded, all clouded in excess, no exits or take-backs. wow. that was a good harvest.

Tommy Luv is NOT GAY [kirk]


Grin Diesel [kirk]

although recollection assures me the past is long gone.
grin diesel. hey man, smile. it's not the end of the world, you know. who knows why people reject lack of acknowledgment? uncertain situations holding the most vague intentions, although recollection assures me the past is long gone.
chow ya bin?
gud n yu?
although, recollection assures me the past is long gone.

goomba (with wings) [fuck the tundra]

okay, i actually don't know what kirk screams at the beginning. also, this song is just filthy. we're not usually this vile.

(ben's first line) riding the majestic goomba with wings. ruffling the defiled feathers.
riding the majestic goomba with wings.
look at the goomba on gabes.
riding the majestic goomba with wings.
assists in discharging girthy goo.
riding the majestic goomba with wings.
unleash the winged, beastly, goomba.

(this chorus is all kirk)

(ben) here's clayton jonstone, and mark bossman, with tyler anderson, kyle gillis, and starring Jimmy Kimmel, as The Goomba. here's clayton jonstone, and mark bossman, with tyler anderson, kyle gillis, and starring Jimmy Kimmel, as The Goomba. here's clayton jonstone, and mark bossman, with tyler anderson, kyle gillis, and starring Jimmy Kimmel "!"

matt wood's giberish, kirk screams all pretty about something. i believe it's about jerking off in the closet at some point.

The tape is always free for digital download here: www.mediafire.com/?tmnq5giyihv
let me know if the link is wonky.


new jamz!

Hey guys n gals I just finished a new tune called "Love on U". It's got some tropical vibes happening for those of  you looking for an extra dose of audial sunshine.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Old School - The John Spinnaker Project

Here is a special treat for you guys! 
I know it's been awhile since I've even uttered the sentence "The John Spinnaker Project" but I thought it's about time that I dug up the lyric book for our " 7 Reasons You Wont Like This EP" 

I took the liberty to scan a few of the pages, and in the case it's not legible I have summarized the songs for you! aha I hope you enjoy this, it's our little secret!


Sealed in a Bag, in a Bag, in a Bag
Can you create castles in the clouds
With stones found in the water
Into Twist-Flip we Propel
In the Corner of your Eye
I can see Pyramids of Energy
This place of Comfort is falling apart
If you feel Groovy, Then lets see a Movie
I'll Give you a Kiss, It's Hit or Miss

Zeitgeist Escapes Fichu
No matter what I throw up
Nothings as Vile as you
You Fuck Ing Librarian Dont
Tell Me To Lower My Voice Bitch
I will wear your skin for Halloween
And when peo ple ask ( Your an )
Tell them im a mistake ( Exter )
Your tears turn me on ( Minator of Optimism )
You dark little weep doll ( A Prostitute of Obsession )
Fast Food!
Did I Mix Things Up I
Did I Mixed Things Up Oh
Hun I Mixed You Up I
Did I Mix You Up Oh
Hun I Mixed You Up

Frequent Monster Swap ( Don't Slap Me )
You know I've always found myself
Sick to my stomache with the infection of your clique
Fuck you, Fuck you!
The way you twist things into chaos
It's a never ending shitshow
of your I've got this all figured out and your supposed
Enlightenment draped in thick curtains of confusion
You will not recognize these things caught up in your candy coated dream whatever
the choices that i've witnessed
infuse me with a replenished
love for hating!
don't talk to me! don't think about me!
you will become another forgotten face!

TK + DG = Foam Fiesta
It's my primal instinct ( to want to )
touch your reproductive organs
you better be crying for this is my victory
my semen is more viscous than yours
your uterus contains the fluid of a thousand screaming virgins
and victory is sweet
you are on fire
running through the woods
from the man
running and running as fast as you can
like a bland trivial waste, oh yeah your really on fire
see degradation at slow pace, a congestion
so do you feel content there is foam
seeping from your orifice like a warm ocean tide
while i pleasure myself you realize this is the definition of irony
the grass is never greener on the other side
i've lost my love for everything

my eyes shake
your eyes shake
seeing slow and detached
fuck those birds pecking at my bodies
participating in judge-fest 2008
you wish to be and indie girl but i ( know your all the same )
twice the size on mirrors ( now thats a fucking party )
social decay ( develops )
i see it forming ( in my school )
sometimes i throw up all over myself
na na na na na na nan na na na nan na
substitute reality with the truth

if you have lost / don't own a copy of this,
grab a temporary digital download from: mediafire

Monday, January 10, 2011


if you have a soft spot for really well done, professional 3D and 2D artwork, get your eyes prepared for a few of these!

Title: Path
Name: Kentaro Kanamoto
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop
Name: Juan Parra
Country: España
Software: Photoshop
Title: Alice in Wonderland
Name: David REVOY
Country: France
Software: GIMP
head on over to the forums at: http://www.cgsociety.org/


Introduction to Compression / Compressors

this is a tutorial that i found which clearly explains what a Compressor is, and how to use one. a lot techniques are described and easy to use to your advantage when recording, or when working on a tune in a DAW, like Ableton or Reason.

of course, this is only one of the many great guides out there!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

“All generalizations are false, including this one.”





Well, i think everyone around here has been lazy or had better things to certainly do over the course of the last month (Bacchanalia, Yule, Starlight Celbration, Christmas, Channukah, Kwanazaa, Shoe Giving, Saturnalia, The Festival of Fish Fighting, St. Yorick`s Day, Signature of the Constitution of the Republic of China, New Years, The Feast of Fools, Modranect, Pancha Ganapati, Festivus, Snowflake Day, Xmas, Refridgerator Day, Life Day, Xmas, Wintersday, Agnostica, Alvistide, Frostval, Chalica, Holiday Number 11, Hogswatch, Xistlessnessmas or some bastardized concoction of any two or more above)

Busy like Bees, methinks! Specifically knowing that any member of this fine organization of individuals would celebrate all (or at least most) of these festivals for the deserving time given off and the simple fact of that the Number Two ALWAYS throws down. Anytime. Anywhere. Anyhow.

Anywho, It feels like the site has been neglected for a bit too long (with good raisins SEE ABOVE) so in the fact of all the blood oaths, civil war reenactments, sacred orgies, beaver trimming contests, Box Social revolutions,  convoluted 16 hour ceremonies of intense psychic plastique surgery and AA meetings that resulted in Keggars, it is my sworn duty to bring you the roturnus o`....................


(ah shit jimmy j christ, you put the slide in upside down agin, you incompetent fuckhole!)

Much more is in store for this coming January. More tunes, More muses, More articles, More fart tassels, More fabrications, More invitations and certainly a seriously marked increase in the amount of nudity (what gives? what kind of quasi uber secretive masked underground society cult is this?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?)

But as they say: "Talk is cheap but the price of action is colossal." or as the Spanish Inquisition says "Actions speak louder than words."

Alas world never ceases spinning ( ha says you! we'll freeze time to a standstill with the solid word (or in this case, digital) and you'll never stop us Supermen BWHAHAHAHA!) and neither will we. Science Fiction is slowly dissolving into Science Fact showing the seventeenanity signs of the Apocalypse all over: Precognition has escaped Minority Report (albeit quite seductively), matter just ain't what it used to be, 10 Year olds are making Astronomers look bad, Nano Batteries anyone? , The Sky is Falling (literally),  Mad Scientists finally come out of the closet, Logical fallacies continue to skyrocket, love now comes in all shapes and sizes (or our brains don`t know the difference between sin and bliss), Judgement is putty in yer headsReality creation is more relevant than ever, Quantum Physics comin' alive and right at ya, Witchcraft now recognized as a profession (DAMN THOSE GYPSIES cough) and `there is no spoon`

Ah but if that don`t yank yer goat then i don`t know what will. However for you all who are already yawning and steering back towards yer books of faces and sky net military programming. DO I HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU. OK Spuddroker left behind this little morsel before he faked his death and ran off to Thailand to become entwined with several boy girls and herion running operations. He`s left this single book of theory, all wrapped up in one nice little package with the scandalous, provocative and tantalizing title: MR. Dukes` 


This pill in a text should put to rest all yer worries and misconceptions of the  peculiar elusive Arcane Alchemistry of the Mind-body which shall not be named but rings in the halls of yer brain for the young, brhung and sane.

Ah but stay TWO-ned Me friendtables (and enemas) for all shall be revealed in due time. till then:

Le hannon a tholel
Calo anor na ven
No in elenath hîlar nan hâd gîn
(translation: keep jerkin`it. PEACE)

PS: just a little treat not to weigh yer pretty swollen heads