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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Codeazure - Youth From Far Away and Out Of Body, Out Of Mind EP's are FREE ONLINE + New EP + REMIX ALBUM

Codeazure are electronic hermits. With only a few shows under our belt, we have spent the majority of our time as a band making music in a tiny basement studio. We have released two studio EP's which are now FINALLY available online for FREE on the Number Two.

For a free download of 2009's "Out Of Body, Out Of Mind" and/or 2010's "Youth From Far Away", click here: http://codeazure.bandcamp.com/

For physical copies, please contact us at any of our pages online. They will be available at future shows as well.

Now the last little while we have been on some sort of a short hiatus, but we will be releasing a 3rd EP, an EP of covers, as well as a REMIX album that will include remix's and covers of Codeazure songs spanning all three of our releases. This should be expected to be released around Christmas/New Years. If ANYONE is interested in doing remix's/covers/etc for us PLEASE LET US KNOW! Let us know what song(s) you're interested in doing, and you will be sent the tracks to do as you please with them.

Any new information will be posted on the good ol' number two.


love love love, 

Grandpa Buckwheat

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