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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flint - Glemno Essi FREE DOWNLOAD


As an apology for not having the EP ready, for a limited time only, FREE EP DOWNLOAD FOR EVERYONE! Includes Artwork. For those who came to the release show and wanted a CD, please message us and you will be sent a free copy when they are done. They will be available online and at shows as soon as possible. Unfortunately, our tour has been cancelled too.So, for the lack of CD's and touring, there will be a make-up show in Edmonton! News on that soon.


Thank you to those who came to the ''release show'' last night, we really didn't expect such a great turnout for a Tuesday night. Huge thanks to Whiskeyface, Jom Comyn, and the National Security Council for playing with us. Their sets were amazing and we will definitely be playing with you guys again.


Grandpa Buckwheat

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