Who is number two?
..and who does he work for?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Who Does Number 2 Work For???!!!!

1. Eee-Kom Goh-Ahn
2. The Shwaccident
3. Incoming Transmission
4. The K-Tasrophy ( feat. Righteous Brothers )
5. Biotechnique ( feat. Randen )
6. Cyberpunk Aesthetics
7. The Past Kinda Panda ( feat. Ramses )
8. Infernal Contraption

This is my new EP called "Cyberpunk Aesthetics"
Listen to the entire album on Soundcloud or Grab an official:

320kbps MP3 Download from Mediafire

I also have another special treat for you folks!
here is a preview of Two brand New Tracks!!

The Chimes of Doom ( Unreleased Single )
The Chimes of Doom by The Master of Pants ( WIP - Unreleased Single ) by masterofpants

Language Barrier ( Upcoming album Preview )
Language Barrier by masterofpants

please stay tuned... 
this episode was brought to you by:
The # 2

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