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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Crack a CAN, Give a DAMNUM! (or DON'T! no-one is forcing you 2 go to NAM...)

Chello and Shalom
All me spuddlies and buddlies and feral gullies.

Herzliche Wilkommen zu OK Spudrokker's 3rd Edition of his weekly super spermicidal specialle on MAGIK

Honest to the goodness and the goddess, we begin this week with some more theory to crack open yer skulls and feast on the o so gooey innards that you've petrified to death inside AND out.


NOW we're getting cooking with Urine and Vinegar. The Principia Discordia is a classic.      BAR NONE. (not really) It is the philosophic equilvalent of carribean drano. Spicy and Shit disturbing. You will NOT come out the same as when you creeped in. Even if yer convictions are concrete, it will rock yer foundations like none before (lies). Of course its all outright lies but you didn't hear that from me. Or did you?

On the other hand we got Phil Hine. The most outright demystifier in a land filled with splendourous over the top glamour and dogmatic conundrumic confusion. Let us not forget all the countless contradictions and metafictions! Phil pulls no punches, does the dastardly deeds and offers a humourous (nono nonsense!) insightful inspection of the immateria and beyond. Here he condenses down many essential elements to the bear necessities and gives a jetpacked launching board towards any other quests one may look into.

Both works are very Discordian(fnord) which i won't touch with a fifty foot Tolberone bar on Mercury as it becomes engulfed by the sun's mass. So once again i ask that ye take yer own paths (or don't), cause as Mr. William Blake said:

"I must create a system or be enslaved by another mans..."

Next week will be an actually planned out article on the simplest forms of MAGIK namely Meditation. One could break down MAGIK into 3 different components namely: Meditation/Reflection, Ritual/Art and Philosophy/Purpose. 
I will be posting a guide of Simple Practices of Posture (Asana) within the gaze of the theory and purposes behind Yoga.

I know many of you are goin "WTF? DAS IST LA LAME" but YOGA-I was once considered a form of Witchcraft (hell some people STILL consider it Witchcraft). Most people now figure it's just another mindless form of gym activity which attracts open minded middle age women/metrosexual males to perform bizarre stretches to stay flexible/keep from putting on ze pounds. However what many consider "Yoga" is merely many different forms of Hatha Yoga designed to silence the mind to the activities of the muscles so that one may meditate.

 I'll procede to give a non denominal presentation that is 100% completely free from the confusing terminology. A nice simple look into the subject that hopefully gets a few people to get a little more out of themselves. Plus (for those that have been already convinced or have a bit of an eastern bend) A little acid soaked  hand made goodie that I just recently found... but secretive i must be.


Keep up with yer Home-Work (or don't. I'm doin' this cause I feel like it. No other reason. If i help someone, kewl beans in a turnip and a waskly wabbit stew. If I'm talking to myself, it's not like i don't constantly do that anyways.)

Simply reading this stuff isn't enough. Knowledge does not equal Understanding or as Mr. Rollins would put it "Knowledge without Mileage equals BULLSHIT". The only way you will gain anything is if you just go und DOIT. Do it every ma friggin jigglin day (or as much as youd like to or not like to. hell yer doin' it anyways. PERSPECTIVE PEOPLE). As Master Yoda says:

"Do, or do not. There is no 'try'."

Go out and get into the Gritty or become something Witty or write a ditty. whatever. Find out fer yerself. Unless you live it, you are probably just wasting yer time. MAGIK isn't something that is just done, it's something you ARE.

HOWEVER Make sure you constantly are making observations and documenting it. May it be in yer noggin or on (preferrably) on paper/interweb/some formatamajig. This will become absolutely vital and pronouncably pertinent. SOSO BERRY crucial if you want to avoid many pitfalls eg. running around in circles like a chicken with yer head cut off, goin' bat-shiet-crazy or becoming mundane/repetitive etc. Hell most of this is about Self Improvement / Getting to know yerself better / connecting and communicating with the entire universe in ways you never thought possible. 

Many of these are, in its utter essence, "Experiments"/Testing Activities performed on the Self (for a variety of purposes) so any conditions (weather, time, desires, emotions, physical wellbeing etc.) could potentially affect the Self in the process. Record keeping WILL prove mighty important to order yer thoughts, see habitual patterns, notice what feelings you typically fall into, point what mistakes you've made or any other factors to help you progress through the Great Work that is ALL=WAYS at hand.

Ah but enough of my carrying it on 2 long
Donk the dong 
And Do The Do

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