Who is number two?
..and who does he work for?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

domine delivre danikon daljinom "pax requiescat ineffabilis"

step by step,
Fragility shatters
bleak blackouts in lamentation.
Cacophonous wails
grief strewn & shock stricken,
filled with pain unspeakable.
Trapped & surrounded by lengthening shadows
upon tattered souls submerged in dismay.
Barely pumping
piercing putrefaction,
dripping somber anathema involuntarily
over the pale glamours

o christ, child
i wish it could be easier.
this raw & piercing cold
keeps getting colder.
smoldering our endurance,
blowing out the pilot light,
cutting the connection during prime time.
cruelly irreparable
with nothing
not a single one can undo.

All succumb
All devoured
conquered at the
inevitable crossroads into
the abyss
deep, morose & mourning
ever comatose
in the crash common coryza machinations of fate
& callous commerce
sustain the rusted chrome pumping
saturnine cancerous gasoline
grating taciturn diseases careening
on the pallid stale grey tundra
crushed under unspeakable feats

there can be no denial of dharma
in the perilous parallax of existence.
1st point = suffering, tribulation & precious brevity.
all one yet alone.
a part but still never apart from
the paradox
encompassing sorrow
staring down eternity
as the world turns
on a dime
without reason.
without rhyme.
...or so it seems upon this stage sublime...

can liberty be attained beyond struggle?
will these bound empty tombstone bones ever resist the urge for restriction?
is there only despair amongst melancholic catatonia
betwixt the dried crumbling ruins of petrified airspace
gone dead
tuned to strains of static
fatally fragmented for perpetuity?

accidental split decision
jagged hesitation pulsating
rapid vermilion careening
clasping at clutches
the moment slips into the stream.
sudden oblivion.
redemption lost.
& only regret remains
while the dance carries us to
the curtains fall,
as bright new snow veils
over the old ashes

reprocussive concrete
active consecrations
still ringing in reverberation of
cathartic echoes
energetically produced & caught
on carbon particle imprints
where matter evaporates aetheric.
where information transforms
undeniably irrepressible
off-color signals that transcend the bonds of phenomena.
breaking repetitive restraints,
chains of thanatotic mantras
reiterating that
"all things must pass"...

acceptance reflects
"yes, i agree...
but love conquers all things."

it shall always come & it shall allways go
one cannot but carry on.
even this mystery can be beautiful:
that nothing ceases
except the tears which find clarity
reflecting amidst the disillusion
&which find that moment
right before the everglowing apparition rises

try without trying.
seek not this,
nor that,
just release
& return.

you are home now.
you are free