Who is number two?
..and who does he work for?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Freestyle Squid Torpedo's

" Beam them out of there Scotty!!! "
" ...I can't captain, our Subs are at not at full Power! "
" Set your Volumes to Kill, we have no choice but to Listen to this Monstrosity! "

Freestyle Squid Torpedo's by masterofpants

another unreleased track by the Master of Pants!
it's still not 100% finished after a total of 18 hours spent working on this puppy!
I've been working in Regina for the past Two Months,
so I have had plenty of free-time to work on some tasty licks for us to enjoy :)

...stay tuned our deep sea dwellers!
rumor has it that the Number Two might have a few tricks up it's sleeve


  1. Love this track dude! It starts out all aquatic deep sea diving/Prehistoric Sea monsters and from 4:00-6:00 in the song i feel a king cannibal vibe happening. That bass is seriously heavy. Great tunes!