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Friday, March 4, 2011

Micrologus by Austin Osman Spare

1. Patho-psychology had birthed another Frankenstein - by idiosyncrasies become hypocrisies with their own environmental facades - to ornament the suppression and what they suppress, to excuse, shift blame from the old arch-vices...Insatiable Greed and Furtive Ferocity. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as wickedness.

2. There is a Third eye! To paraphrase " - let not thy right eye seeth what the left seeth" would be a 'distinction without much difference', except for our wilful blindness to all committed self-deceptions; they are seen and recorded by the inner eye. You may delude your fore-consciousness but not what is far beneath.

3. The main premise of Religion is the demanding of complete acceptance by faith of some dogmatic thesis and conclusion. That 'as if' explains the abstracts and mysteries of life, and, as proof, the assertion that their God or cause - as being so miraculous in his workings to be beyond human comprehension - to over-ride your bafflement of all contradictions and incongruities. I admit Nature accomplishes the impossible - has she not created man?

If you can so delude yourself - and stomach this stuff [Religion] - it partially 'works'; which means that the poorest 'as if' connotation is better than non-belief, and gives something - if only a shadowy postulation in death, or a palliative by psycho-paralysis in life.

4. 'He', speaks truthfully and sayeth, I know NOT and I speak truthfully - I know not my omniscience. Hear now the 'saviours' with their incredulous assertions, platitudinous, jittery and frenetic asseverations [assertions]: "Heaven and Eternal Life" in exchange for belief in "The (vicarious) atonement of the blood" ...or be damned! Such a 'wishful belly-full' has never worked yet, or any other absurdities of iniquitous credulity... it stinks!

Therefore pray not direct to God, but to your own damned self - by sacrifice and service to man, it is the only correct manner of prayer; and none so poor that they cannot so give. All other forms of prayer are abortive, merely a ritualistic appreciation. The only answering forces of good that I know originate from man, and the only force of evil that I know radiates from man, also. If the evil thoughts of man were able to break through our protective auras...human life would end.

All prayer dissipates without an intermediary or carrier. Gods, soul, and the psycho-substantive, seem to respond only through the mind by in-direction, and hetero-suggestion: this is the secret way through many barriers. The mind is potent, still the deadliest weapon. Or the reverse.

I ask: what greater gift could any God give us? Only ourselves, as free individuals...not so much to hate and love as to excel ourselves.

5. "Psychology" is now the equal of any other dogma, inasmuch as it demands the full acceptance of rigid conclusions from undefined qualities and premises.

Psychology has no dominant thesis or definition of such fundamentals as - "consciousness", "intelligence", "thought", "purpose", etc. We are aware that there are no exact or final definitions or conclusions of anything, but we are also aware that certain correct hypotheses - one, such as regarding The Ether - have rendered us certain other facts...and thus indirectly prove their thesis.

The offer of such very shaky nominalism - which begins nowhere and ends in an excusing pathology - presents a worse gamble than that of any religion. Psycho-ism has no standard of morality, behaviourism, or normality, with which it mainly deals, so must be based on the common mean - "the average" - an inelastic average at that. Thus anything 'abnormal or subnormal' could, or might be 'patho'. Shit!

And when the common denominators are realised from the Id of Greed, then, where are we! The Zombie our level? Genius a madness? No, for civilization these must be a more arbitrary ethical-intelligent standard above the 'normalities'; an Ideal that is tactual, that is directly related to reality - with its integral precisions determined by social motivation. Conventions whether of morals or behaviour may be as wise as anything man has invented.

6. Man ever abberates - even his normalities! Mainly to compensate for his deficiencies, and often finds there a shadow world that accepts and reflects the assured survival of his weaknesses.

7. Words, words, words, however used - whatever they symbolise, request, or tell - say more? - showing inbetween, the antics of all motives! Yes, word rendering offers the quickest of deaths to flabby ideas, and also the most poignant, suggestive, contagious, substitutive, and lasting means known to convey anything. Most deadly virus! most potent abcreation [a part of creation that is removed from or opposite to another part of creation], and magic subtlety! ...even your erasure has you believing...

We are over-stuffed with words - now a veritable systole and diastole of mind: whether or not we correctly articulate, we suffer post-prandial [after eating] torpor.

8. Neither universe nor man is complete, completing, or dissolving, but only resurging and re-indulging - existing forms reshaping to function new pleasures of flesh impacting flesh. At least, so I imagine, who loves fat women.

9. Only man inveighs [protests vehemently]; as a build-up, for excuse, for courage, for some enactment or the exacting...

10. We are a great company! None walk alone, but with a formidable host of familiars - however we may clothe, shut out, or prohibit. There is a veritable funeral procession of dead selves and loves always in attendance.

11. The ugly ecstasies: the mass of mankind are fixed adolescents, sex-obsessed, and making of the thing a messy or obscene commonplace, a mephitic bathos [a foul-smelling and abrupt transition from what was once elevated to that which is now trite] from ill-used passions and emotions. Yet procreation is a mystery but holds no greater mystery than breathing; both are life, initial and fundamental...Yes! The mystic union is now a mere (dirty) copulation.

12. What stupidities benight the assertion that anything was created - unrelated to all else; if things were entirely separate, complete, they would be static and quickly exhaust. Life, growth, change, into and out of things to all transmutations possible: all things serve each other, willingly or otherwise. Yet we live by every means a partitiveness [in division and separation] - make our ignorance as permanent as possible...and nothing seems more lasting than a lie.

13. Life is a potency, becoming selected indulgences; a path through the chaos we make - how soon fearing - shocked! cry out for salvation, and back-slide to some old mothering or protectiveness. No escape!

14. Compensating mechanisms often demand an antithesis to balance or fulfil, as with character and temperament - an ideal union being the masculine woman and the effeminate man.

15. Words have lost their pristine power, now impressing as on a queachy surface. They become an ambiguous way of Knowing and fourth-hand experiencing, because one's reactions to events can never be formed or apprized from anothers'.

Queerly, most people believe what they read or hear - if written or spoken rigorously or as authoritatively. Yet human credulity has more of virtue than of absurdity.

16. We are millions of yesterdays, and what appears autogenic is the work of unknown mediators who permit, or not, our acts by the mysterious chemistry of our believing.

17. Beauty alone reaches simplicity, because it is basic "economy". Envy over-adorns, paints, ostentatiously clothes and transfers to mode. The naked figure is a more fluid and truthful beauty: hence to marry a 'face' is often to marry a fiction. Our work and behaviour is the Truer portrait, the 'value' we live and give by.

18. When thought disassociates from the correspondences and gradations between contrasting things, these will reform abundantly with new correlatives as emotional content in our resultant process of rearrangements; final representation is an asymmetrical balance. This "seeing strangely" is the level of our genius.

19. Reasoning and its inferences are a screever's logic, and useless to put us in contact with reality - all reality being more abstract than actual as a para-Ideal we know of, but cannot grasp.

The nearest we attain to it is by a unison of all the senses, that appreciates by personal sentiment, can, by suitable emotional channeling, be affective and associate and express any nuances and 'abstracts' which cannot be defined in thought...an unplanned latent portraying - as in Nature.

20. All religion is suffering/sufferance. Prayer is a false separation; immanence is always here.

21. Only the refrangible 'comes through', a filtrated quasi-reality, not the "thing" itself; the noumenon of mind, is seemingly susceptible only by partitiveness - as phenomenal form. Thus all our awareness is reflected, partitive, and with a linear "I" as consciousness, and so motivates our faculties into actuations.

But over and above this we have that "queer" feeling which extends and attempts to get behind and rationalize the unclarifiable. But we never do - being dimensionally chained, and bed-companion to our Mrs. God or misused Id.

22. There is nothing self-potential in creation...including our creator. The frouzy hermaphrodites are unsurviving, improvised transients. The division of self from self was a diversity for variety, and soon all animation becomes 'presence' - neotic and numerous. Therefore it is better to speak of 'the Gods' than of a singular.

23. Belief is a sustenance, desire acquisitive, and "will" energizes and maintains; their close unison gives ability and the measure of our sincerity...creative when spontaneous. First the suppressions to create the tension - then the dramatic release.

24. One damned thing after another. Life and death is an entering and leaving of different dream worlds, and reality is where we find or make it. Our fictualism and factualism are equally false or true. We believe what we desire to believe, usually a disguised motivation of egotism...or to dream compensations, our poor panacea for the irreducible Id plus 1.

25. The frequency of time we relate is our measure of space, and works inversely: apperception, digestion, and gestation are slow.

26. To believe and accept everything - all contradictions, even unto the most incredulous, to believe the immaculate conceptioin with cheap salvation, and the whole shoot of such religions is an impossible Ideal.

Belief must be limited - to have depth and meaning. No, there is rumination, regurgitation, final vomiting...not yet the limitless stomach.

27. The only quick-change artistry we perform is the taking off and putting on again of some protectiveness, deceit, or disguise. Refusing reality we must make one, and 'show off'.

28. Over-exuberance is a satisfaction, and the beginning of rococo and decay. Too much freedom overruns itself, flops, and turns to vicious disease or trivia.

29. All teaching should be confined to ways of learning and Techniques. We live inside churches and schools too long.

30. Our efforts are mainly to re-experience, to make probably and permanent those things we like and desire most. Whereas mind and body reshapes, for other powers to serve their purpose first.

31. A life of all pleasure is impossible; all promiscuity is now filthy. So few understand pleasuring by innocent unchastities. The unhealthy conscience forces forgetfulness, the essential smothering of your anit-sociability to appear conventionally possible.

32. Our next incarnation is always a revival - to extend, to envelope something, and a greater shutting out; survival by differential revival (crediting and re-paying to re-borrow). Pledged we are.

33. The anxiety of the ultra-modern is of being outmoded by the next idiom, usually a revival or variation of a forgotten one - as something new.

34. Praise or blame deceives and would make us inferior when, as confirming our false and true values, we should only be influenced from a personal and innermost feeling of appurtenance over and above such things - to make our great simplicity equal to all.

To walk the safest way of least resistance, we cheaply familiarise ourselves and become insensitive, sterile; so to the unfamiliar an all jungles! To follow the "bell-wether" is still the most universal and successful gospel. [A bellwether is a castrated (usually) male sheep with a bell around it's neck that the rest of the herd follows.]

35. It is the empirical, sometimes accidental meaning and beauty of Nature - as well as the overlooked obvious - that art portrays.

36. To become oblique is one answer: but our minds have heaped up cliches, self-coined, borrowed or inherited - mostly spurious. So stultified - not by limits of language nor so tongue-tied - we fail through falsities and half-believing, fears bred of cramped growth, obedience to uninspired patterning, and lose our impassioned creativeness by accepting easy conventions, idioms, and shoddy imitations.

37. Those of real ability count their consummations as still lacking, hence they are always learning.

38. We hate and love ourselves only through others. Heaven help us...looking only for our likenesses.

39. We exhibit inferiority and pretension when we congratulate ourselves as lacking the defects of others.

40. So rightly or wrongly I think this.

What was once free, casual, and formless seeks arbitrary laws, precipitated into Time and dimensional form with definite functional purpose and direction, about which we can only guess - to realise all probabilities within definite limits, that so far are unlimited.

These extend and allow formative desire through necessity, to realise by ex-creative means. How much or how little is bound up in a 'mystic' belief of ourselves, we only know as possible potency.

In our relation to the Cosmos, if significance is measured by our increative ability - then we are of no greater worth than the amoeba. Nature permits no interrogation; our techniques merely imitate, and only when so allowed.

The function and purpose of life almost seems an experiment in genius, a chosen few at one time. Our early acceptance of things as they are, as dominant reality, later becomes overshadowed by doubt, and we conclude that evil is real, potent and contra to Almightyness. But, lest we forget - there was no evil until man's advent, and thereby a certain madness is seeking a 'rational' explanation of life. Things totally without knowledge seem to function perfectly, and are alone beyond good and evil.

Knowledge precludes the acceptance of all things: the beginning of knowledge is not the discovery of our own ignorance, but the acceptance of all - an equation always equal - becomes its own good and evil. And those born of great ability also have a profound ignorance of how they accomplish, and learn what explanation they can give. How do they know what they know? Ability is an endowement from our past selves.

The infinite Cosmos, the Milky Way, and all therein, manifest as from organism - and so all things continue. There are no alternatives or different derivatives: so without truth are such assertions, that we did not originate ourselves of our own free will (or otherwise). Our amnesia covers so much - all our early history and potentials; now latent, unknown yet, what were unities, Truth, Freedom, etc. are now separate, untrue, powerless, or appear diversely - all visa-versas! But the eternal every-varying flux of our media relatability is as the ebb and flow of our capacity towards greater affinity to all possibilities within the ever omnipresent mind as manifest flesh.

Where there is life there is a degree of consciousness, however shadowy, with all its inter-relating pretences. When the uniform homogeneity of matter breaks or divides, activity manifests as multiples, and individual modifications begin.

Concurrently a subtle superfetation [the presence of fetuses of different ages resulting from the fertilization and development of two or more ova liberated at different periods of ovulation in the same uterus] occurs which forms our media for ubiquitary minds, and becomes our ego - then soul. We are always a functional throwback, the articulation of past latencies.

The complex development of body becomes a more elastic medium for ego, mind, and soul to work through. The purpose of life appears as the conversation of matter from the collective uniform (stinking lump) into a specialised separateness, e.g. a diversity of individuals.

Hence there is no universal brotherhood based on equality; just the reverse. Whatever our claims concerning inter-relatedness, this is governed not only by heritage - but by aptitude. Ability indeed has to be deserved the hard way...the way of Techniques and effort.

The body is the puppet of the mind. We begin as automatic, becoming as autonomous...a transference. The puppet becomes the showman.
All our integrations stem from our intro/extrovertive ability: a mental breathing - give, take and remake.

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