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Friday, February 25, 2011

Memos for Morons

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law."


I. The world progresses by virtue of the appearance of Anti-Chriscos (SUBgeniuses).
II. Anti-Chriscos (SUBgeniuses) are WHooMen with super-consciousness of the highest order.
III. Super-consciousnes of the highest order is obtainable by known methods.
Therefore, by employing the quintessence of known methods we cause the world to progress.


I. Theology is immaterial; for both Buddha and St. Ignatius were Anti-Chriscos.
II. Morality is immaterial; for both Socrates and Mohammed were Anti-Chriscos.
III. Super-consciousness is a natural phenomenon; its conditions are therefore to be sought rather in the acts than the words of those who attain it.
The essential acts are retirement and concentration --- as taught by Yoga and Ceremonial Magic.


I. Since truth is supra-rational, it is incommunicable in the language of reason.
II. Hence all mystics have written nonsense, and what sense they have written is so far untrue.
III. Yet as a still lake yields a truer reflection of the sun than a torrent, sHe whose mind is best balanced will, if sHe become a mystic, become the best mystic.



I. Since the ultimate truth of teleology is unknown, all codes of morality are arbitrary.
II. Therefore the student has no concern with ethics as such.
III. sHe is consequently free 'to do hir duty in that state of life to which it has pleased God to call hir'


I. Since truth is supra-rational, any rational statement is false.
II. Let the student than contradict every proposition that presents itself to hir.
III. Rational ideas being thus expelled from the mind, there is room for the apprehension of spiritual truth.
It should be remarked that this does not destroy the validity of reasonings on their own plane.


I. WHooMan being a finite being, sHe is incapable of apprehending the infinite. Nor does hir communion with infinite being (true or false) alter this fact.
II. Let then the student contradict every vision and refuse to enjoy it; first, because there is certainly another vision possible of precisely contradictory nature; secondly, because though sHe is God, sHe is also a WHooMan upon an insignificant planet.

Being thus equilibrated laterally and vertically, it may be that, either by affirmation or denial of all these things together, sHe may attain the supreme trance.


I. Trance is defined as the ek-stasis of one particular tract of the brain, caused by meditation on the idea corresponding to it.
II. Let the student therefore beware lest in that idea be any trace of imperfection. It should be pure, balanced, calm, complete, fitted in every way to dominate the mind, as it will.
Even as in the choice of a sovereign to be crowned.
III. So will the decrees of this monarch be just and wise as he was just and wise before sHe was made royalty.
The life and work of the mystic will reflect (though dimly) the supreme guiding force of the mystic, the highest trance to which sHe has attained.


I. Yoga is the art of uniting the mind to a single idea. It has four methods.

Gnana-Yoga. Union by Knowledge.
Raja-Yoga. Union by Will.
Bhakta-Yoga. Union by Love.
Hatha-Yoga. Union by Courage.
Mantra-Yoga. Union through Speech.
Karma-Yoga. Union through Work.

These are united by the supreme method of Silence.

II. Ceremonial Magic is the art of uniting the mind to a single idea. It has four Methods.

The Holy Qabalah. Union by Knowledge.
The Sacred Magic. Union by Will.
The Acts of Worship. Union by Love.
The Ordeals. Union by Courage.
The Invocations. Union through Speech.
The Acts of Service. Union through Work.

These are united by the supreme method of Silence.

III. If this idea be any but the Supreme and Perfect idea, and the student lose control, the result is insanity, obsession, fanaticism, or paralysis and death (add addiction to gossip and incurable idleness), according to the nature of the failure.

Let then the Student understand all these things and combine them in his Art, uniting them by the supreme method of Silence.

"The key of all conduct,
  generally speaking,
  is to make every common thing noble,
  [and] every small thing great."

Τwὸ Μεγα Θηρίον
An update of "Postcards for Probationers" for "the politically correct" of the 21st century by: Quaalad The Uncut
"Love is the law, love under will."

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  1. "The first step is the hardest; make a start, and I will soon set the hunchback lion and the soldier unicorn fighting for your crown. And they shall lie down together at the end, equally glad, equally weary; while sole and sublime that crown of thine (brother!) shall glitter in the frosty Void of the abyss, its twelve stars filling that silence and solitude with a music and a motion that are more silent and more still than they; thou shalt sit throned on the Invisible, thine eyes fixed upon That which we call Nothing, because it is beyond Everything attainable by thought, or trance, thy right hand gripping the azure rod of Light, thy left hand clasped upon the scarlet scourge of Death; thy body girdled with a snake more brilliant than the sun, its name Eternity; thy mouth curved moonlike in a smile, in the invisible kiss of Nuit, our Lady of the Starry Abodes; thy body's electric flesh stilled by sheer might to a movement closed upon itself in the controlled fury of Her love --- nay, beyond all these Images art thou (little brother!) who art passed from I and Thou, and He unto That which hath no Name, no Image. ...

    Little brother, give me thy hand; for the first step is hard."