Who is number two?
..and who does he work for?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Food for Thought

we are going to tear this planet apart
by the seams of it's rivers
and every forgotton stream
have you heard what happens to a fish out of water?
why does a fish out of water dance?
because he thinks it's his last chance

we will burn down evil with the light
feed them to our devilish children
we will grow a brand new strain
for the demons begone
you have no place here
we exterminate, what we hate

and if you think you can withstand
our subsonic tidal wave
pressurized crystalline matter
drove straight into your valves
shut tight the doors that hold your secrets
we are the key to your memories
you will remember who you are
and what you were meant to do
you will live a life in the flesh
....you live a life better than the rest

squealing chasms
of fortuned creatures
squiggles of vapor
seaweed catacombs
a choice of words
along with the birds
we sign a new anthem

we will never see your filthy smile
if we live in a world made worthwhile
i can't pretend i am the chosen child
but we can speak on his part
and as we will say the wonderful things
that begin with me, and end with you
cant you see... it's an eternity?
it's a simple thing, really!
like a patron in a shopping mall
with all the things you need to buy
with soo many wants you'll still cry...for more 

again a change of pace
now that i have you in the place
where i can speak my mind
and connect through yours
listening and reading is connection through subjection
to what i really meant, and how it relates to you

your a beautiful snowflake
flying through the winter sky
as the cold breeze chills your spine
you'll finally realize that you are divine
so if we are made of light and shiny things,
why must we clip our wings? 
before we even had the chance to fly?

if we were meant to burn,
in a hopeless garbage dumpster
like a homeless bottle jumper
  we would be as dead as this language
and you'll never know what it says:

wakka drog kolliok tai khent
eertkah khiamo khaidom
dioloko jioux ca vest ik khamen
if jeux khan doest jai obest
aparella con daeomest
die kaedohm saround eid mhodeak!

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