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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bands in Calgary you probably haven't heard of that are awesome!

Hello! I'm Vanessa, and ill be posting a little series called "Bands in Calgary you probably haven't heard of that are awesome!" In this edition ill be outlining a band that used to live in the house next to mine. Well two members did anyways.  Kaspar Hauser is a three piece band with evident influence raining from post rock to emotive hardcore. Zack Choy, Alex Fischer and although he wasn't a neighbor, he is a good friend and bassist for Fox Opera, Keith Rodger.
The recording quality itself I don't enjoy so much, definitely a must see live sort of band. But the music is amazing, addictive, and fierce. If you want to feel the full effect of this band, sit alone with the lights off or with soft lighting, hit play, and enjoy, unless of course you have shitty internet, you may need to let each song load first.
Unfortunately I don't have permission to give out a download link for the demo, and I know myspace is a piece of shit, but, in my humble opinion they are still worth the crappy sound quality for  a listen. And who knows, maybe when they actually release the demo, you'll pick one up?
Anyways I have a kitten play date so good evening all number 2 collectivians.

Vanessa Fever


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  1. thanks for the heads up! good to see another member join the ranks! please feel free to post more often!