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Thursday, January 31, 2013

What is Music? by Yamataka Eye

I don't know what music is. Just what is it really? Is it an exchange of energy? Is it a process to arrive at a thing called harmony? Or thinking in reverse, is there anything that is not music? A conversation of young lovers has a musical rhythm to it, as does their bickering.

A good cook can whip up natural ingredients with water and fire, often with split-second decisions ... this requires time and timing - like music, it is an art that happens in time. These actions are often more like real music to me than music that is commercially packaged.

Some things are musical or contain an innate musicality ... Like the beautiful motion of planets revolving and orbiting around the sun. Just what is the origin of these natural phenomenon - these repetitive motions that are so like music to me ... These must be a terminal somewhere, a station that is actually transmitting them ... And what we call "music"  is downloaded directly from home base, which is broadcasting it beyond time and space.

Is musical phenomena equivalent to living phenomena, like an insect camouflaging itself, transforming itself into nature - into a leaf, for example. When you make music, it is your interpretation of nature.... And the more you try to create, the more it becomes nature, just like an insect. By making music, you are actually sending the sound back to its origin - back to the universe.

I think of myself as an organic life phenomenon, and try to listen to myself as music....

A wolf howling at the moon is the singer.
Thunder is the guitarist.
The crashing of waves is the bassist.
The tremors of an earthquake are the drummer

If one wonders where to find a recording of music by such and amazing band ...

It's been right here with us all the time.

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