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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Number Two Collective Presents


Tuesday December 13th at the Wunderbar Hofbrauhaus!

The Number Two Collective is glad to once again come together to create ourselves a wonderful environment for numerous endevours! we have wonderful things in store for the future, and are very happy to organize this event all of you! Here is some information on the artists playing and a breif guideline on what you can expect from the night!

Dreamaurua ( www.soundcloud.com/dreamaurua ) Edmonton

come on in early, as we warm up the night with a wild variety of hearty tuneage from Dreamaurua as he mixes from a wide palette of familiar and often unspoken tunes! we like to refer to this as a "box of chocolates" as it's been some time since his last release " Interesting Strangers" ( a split with Boogie Howser ) he will be unveiling a ton of his new material and a banging live set you wont hear elsewhere!

Flint ( http://flint.bandcamp.com/releases ) Edmonton

get yourself prepared to call your mother and tell her you love her one last time. experiencing a live Flint set can have you questioning if you'll pull out alive! The raw and ruthless energy emitting from this band stems from their ability to continually invoke themselves with the crowd to create an equilibrium of unstoppable mayhem. Releasing the new Flint / Fabulous Dad Split 7'', expect to a see them in out full force!

Magik Spells ( http://www.myspace.com/magikspellsmusic ) Calgary

bringing you to special place, Magik Spells will cast you off into the distance as you drift off to a groovy paradise. coming from calgary, these fellows bring alongside a tasty flavour of upbeat voodoo rhythms for your ears to dig into. With a dreamy and very hypnotic allure, you'll have no problem moving your feet amd swinging your body to the beat!

"Special Guests"

it's a secret! but I promise you it's a treat you wont want to miss. From outside the confines of the city, the intensity this band brings to the table is immense. you will surely be gasping for air as you surface through their unique waves of sound! as not to ruin the surprise, i sincerely hope you are around for this one!

Be on the lookout, The Number Two Collective will be introducing a small installment of art for the duration of the event. We will be selling the different types artwork at the door for very cheap, and are open to anyone willing to contribute.

for more information contact us at: numbertwocollective@gmail.com

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