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..and who does he work for?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

"A great truth is a truth whose opposite is also a truth."

O velliky thelliky WELLIKY


GET READY 2222222222222222222222222222222222222


ZEIT TO GET HAMMMEREDDDDDDDDDD (wit knowledge (mit understanding)=POWA)

Yep..............or not.
Either way, I'm hear to give you another fine cashe of info to blow minds with.....but wait this ain't no ordinary PDF or article or Something that you really got use that thunker with. HELL NO. For what I have to give (j)iz COMICS................zee best introductory comix to dee Wide Warrold ov MO GO! or more commonly known in the vulgar tongue as MAGIK.

Well for starters, I'm gonna give you the first issues of PHONOGRAM bi Kieron Gillen + Jamie McKelvie .....two devilish tales from the merry ol' land of The freshly charred Brits about Phonomancy.......The Magic of Music. Im pretty sure if the point ain't made yet it will come to life. O so Tasty. Accessible. Not to mention completely able to get one from 0 to 90 on the fair fields of Fantastique!

Second off, we got the Books of Magic Mini Series by the now uber sexsessful Misseure Neil Gaiman..........a look into the Mysteries beyond yr. average DC Comicbook Occultists. This one is a whole ball of wax und the main Protag looks like Harry Potter WAY before Harry Potter!

Then we'll cook-a chu up with some of the New Classics........G Mo's The Invisibles und Al Mo's Promethea. Just the introduction that will give you some functions to MO THE GO. Al goes in one direction and Grant goes in the other. May you choose Order or Chaos or neither or both or this and that or neither neither which you can if can't get at it-or dont but im sure you will or wont. do or dont.(just do it) You'll find out that both or one or neither can lead to the same (or different) conclusion through their own unique set of ways, daze and craze...

But since this is probably the most highly questionable of all posting actions.......they will be available for a limited time! Only Introductions 2! If you want to find out where these Tales end up and what happens to these Meta Universes (or your own universes)..........well you just have to grip them yr.self.

Tough Nugglets.

NOW if that don't satisfy yr. cravings.......i guess nothing will. Not even that giant black strap on we just bought.....love it. you know you will. (or wont). its now or never so give it a shot (or two as we know you....)

MO GO is simply a way of living that creates meaning and connextion. If you don't want that..... well you can just go back crawl back in yr. hole and wait for the Nazi Space Demons from The Deepest Bowels of hyper-hell to get ya.

Still go. Enjoy. Read at yr own pace. Find something between the walls that makes yr. skin crawl and yr heart beat. Lady Liberty is waiting.......and she's got some fine ta-ta's and other hidden de=lites.....


The Great Caretaker of Deception
Jon The Rapist

O and here....this might prove use-ful..... and if you only read one thing by ol' Uncle Al....

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