Who is number two?
..and who does he work for?

Monday, July 25, 2011

THEE ROSÉ WRIT!!!!!!!!!!!! THE TROOTH AS FOUND IN OHI-YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. No rhythm Chaos has but for when dancing.

2. How you say, DeeeLite?

3. Existence of PLATYPUS.

4. Sanity is costly; they charge much to cure the illness that is not. Insanity, however, is still


5. To have government is to abolish at least one freedom: the freedom of deciding one's


6. Philosophic dadaism is not death. Hug a duck.

7. Philosophic dadaism is the enjoyment of life for the reason of having no reason.

8. Oh, cool. A penny.

9. If the answer is right, who cares if the question is wrong?

10. Psychosis is artistic intent; Psychosis is not religion nor philosophy.

11. .sdneirf ruo era skcuD ehT

12. Metaphor is such a fascinating tree, don't you climb?


14. Reason, Reason is my middle name.

15. The ONLY emperor is THE emperor of ice cream.

16. Let being become the conclusion or denouement of appearing to be: in short, ice cream is an

absolute good.

17. Forgive me they were delicious o so sweet and so cold

18. The pedigree of honey does not concern the bee; A clover, any time, to him Is aristocracy.

19. He would cry out on life, that what it wants Is not its own love back in copy speech, But

counter-love, original response.

20. Somedays, time is non-linear. Other days are just like some days.

21. As the concept of non-existence exists, so too is stillness a high.

22. Poetic Terrorism is neither yet both.

23. Normals have problems. Psychotics have

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