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Monday, February 7, 2011

“When liberty comes with hands dabbled in blood, it's hard to shake hands..."


And  YOU


We're shifiting into overdrive to break the 10th dimensional psychic barrier into the Aethyr contradiction of anti-neutrinos nano-pataphysically processin' disreintegrated de-volution through the space time continuum's taint


You know what that means....................................

OK SPUDDROKER IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or as living appears to the normals through the anoymous hands of typed linguistic appliances! AND BOY HOWDY HE SURE HAS SWELLED (in the head).

Yes, My peeps and freaks. It's been well o'er a month since I ventured cross the Wide World Web and Atonal Astral Plains. Hiding from some newly created minions and servitors who got a little too carried away. My location and my protective measures have afforded me some time to talk (or to walk the plank in hindsight) while those nasties infect the world with their rampant messages of Liberation and Rational Radical Individuality. Even the iGeneration needs a friggama RevolYOUtion.

As the endless binary patterns swirl and the Chaosmos gets a taste of its autoerotic gestaltation. LETS GET BUSAAAAY Thug Angel Steez (2pacalypse Now Shakurspeare!)

Seeing as I've already gone off in many different directions and given out mucho literature on the subject matter. WE really havent done any "official" (under the licencee agreements and the pretenciousness of vindication) MAGIK (tm) as many people know it. Mainly the outward expressions of Ritual and Ceremony (real pomp ultraviolet essence). The idea of Ritual is nothing but a series of actions, talismanic items, sigils, trances, gestures and sayings/spells that we do in order to achieve a certain result.

NWO there is good reasons  we havent explored this...................well no..... no there actually isnt. BUT THATS JUST TWO BAD. ITS TIME FOR SOME OF THE MAIN ATTRACTION TO TAKE THE SCENE and FER A BIT OF UBER REFERENCE MATERIAL TO TAKE ITS PLACE!

Now is time to introduce you to the simplest of all Magish (POOF) Ritualls (PUFF)


Pip PIP! What's all this 'ere ',eh?
Well Gu'vnor and Mr. Prime Minister it's an essentialist techniqueamathink that will take you from bein' right Pink to being knee deep in the Stink. CHA DIG?

(MALFUNCTION.....changing from cockney back to the king's english....)

PHLEGM BOK..... phew..... got that frog out of the gullet. Now let me comb my Mullet as Mr. Grant Morrison explains the basics (from Pop Magic!):

"Banishing is a way of preparing a space for ritual use.  There are many elaborate banishing rituals available, ranging across the full spectrum of pomposity.  Think of banishing as the installation of virus protection software.  The banishing is a kind of vaccination against infection from Beyond.

Most banishings are intended to surround the magician with an impenetrable shield of will.  This usually takes the form of an acknowledgement of the elemental powers at the four cardinal points of the compass.  Some like to visualize themselves surrounded and protected by columns of light or by four angels.  Any protective image will do - spaceships, superheroes, warrior-monks, whatever.  I don't bother with any of that and usually visualize a bubble radiating outwards from my body into space all around above and below me as far as I think I'll need it. 

Why the need for protection?

Remember that you may be opening some part of yourself to an influx of information from "non-ordinary", apparently "Other" sources.  If you practice ceremonial magic and attempt to summon godforms or spirits things will undoubtedly happen.  Your foundations will be tested.  There is always the danger of obsession and madness.  As magical work progresses, you will be forced into confrontation with your deepest darkest fears and desires.  It's easy to become scared, paranoid, and stupid.  Stay fluid, cling to no single self-image and maintain your sense of humor at all times.  Genuine laughter is the most effective banishing ritual available. 

Banishing reminds you that no matter how many gods you talk to, no matter how many fluorescent realms you visit, you still have to come home, take a shit, be able to cook dinner, water the plants and, most importantly, talk to people without scaring them.

When you complete any magical work, ground yourself with a good laugh, a good meal, good shag, a run or anything else that connects you with the mundane world.  Banishing after your ritual is over works as a decompression back into the normal world of bills and bus stops and job satisfaction.  The magician's job is not to get lost in the Otherworld but to bring back its treasures for everyone to play with."

Ah couldn't have said it any better myself (and i dont want to cause this is about as good as its gonna get without some other influences and my mind being put into a computer blender and spitting out flaming hot garbage that would make mockery become muck!)

Banishing is a techinque that purposefully cleans an enviroment
 (at least in yer head....but you dont truly know how big that sucker really is)
from all unwanted forces leaving the most neutral atmosphere to work with and a quick escape from (or return to) consensus reality.
It prepares you for concentration, helps you resist obsession and any other negative effects/energies/distractions that might be prone to bring ya down.
You are creating a FREE SPACE. A space where you can drop yer act and get down to yer TRU self. A space, where only what is brought forward with ones will, intent, energy, imagination is allowed.
Everything else is  RYE-T OUT.
This is most useful at the beginning of pretty much any activity that involves focus of will.
This should be a quick and relatively painless affair(though it really matters the working....)

Do one before and one after meditation.
Do others ones at points in the day that hold some meaning (waking up, midday, sunset, midnight, before bed)
Do one to get yerself ready. Do one to get in the mind set. Just DO IT when YOU NEED IT.
 It doesnt mean that one a-day can't do the job or that 30 before everything that involves risk would be meaningless. All that maters is you and what you want or feel like doing (though im positive their are other you's in you that will put up resistance to whatever youse do. BUT YOU GOTTA FIGHT FOR YER RIGHT or at least talk it out....)

Ritual in this way is in no way related to Routine. The parts that they consist of may be similar. While routine involves very little thought to do a repetitive action; Ritual on the other hand, is more akin to a task that one observes oneself very closely to achieve results. The former is the combination of parts while the latter is GREATER than the sum of its parts.  Every part of any Ritual should be done fully with absolute intent and purpose in complete focus. Alright that sentence was terrible but i guess if i could put it more directly: PAY ATTENTION TO THE DOINGS YOU DO. Remember certin Actions bring about certain Results. If a technique don't work for you, drop it and try anew. Keep tweakin till you gots it the way you want it (harvey birdman makes yer hamburgler a beautiful thing)  The only way you can do that is if everything done is done to exactly as it needs to be. Just keep yer eyes/senses on everything: Body, Mind, Ego, Consciousness, Spirit, Soul etc. to dee utmost detail. In fact the more you recognize different voices in the head talkin', THE BETTA

Now i haven' listed any particular techniques down because finding ones own Banishing ritual is very important and very personal as Pope Pete (don't forget you're ALL Popes as well) puts it in his finest words:

"To develop a banishing ritual, first acquire a magical weapon - a sword, a dagger, a wand, or perhaps a large ring. (note from Author: I've used a Bass and a Microphone with grand results) The instrument should beomething which is impressive to the mind and should also represent the aspirations of the magician. The advantages of hand-forging one’s own instruments, or discovering them in some strange way, cannot be overemphasized. The banishing ritual should contain the following elements as a minimum.

First, the magician describes a barrier about himself with the magical weapon. The barrier is also strongly visualized. Three dimensional figures are preferable

Second, the magician focuses his will on a visualized image: for example, the image of the magical weapon, or his own imaginary third eye, or perhaps a ball of light inside his own head. A sound concentration may additionally or alternatively be used.

Third, the barrier is reinforced with power symbols drawn with the magical weapon. The traditional five-pointed star or pentagram can be used, or the eight-pointed star of Chaos, or any other form. Words of power may also be used.

Fourth, the magician aspires to the infinite void by a brief but determined effort to stop thinking."

However, even as a reasonably loyal follower of Mr. Carroll, I don't find this much structure necessary. Hell in my mind it even goes against the very precepts of the Laws of Chaos (snicker). Which means while this may be a good starting point and very tasty, its still too much for the average brosef/soror who wants to whip up some fantastic phantasy in their life(s).

The big thing is neural association. The more something is used for other purposes, other thoughts and images will appear in ones mind. THIS IS TO BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS unless it has some purpose with the ritual/working you are trying to perform (which should be pretty made up by yer lonesome unless you want to try some other pre written stuff (that has worked for others in the past) which will involve intense study and mind melding to the conceptual ideas of someone or other's systems.....althought it might just prove to be a waste of time and a bulky endevor to riffle thorugh coded pointless nonsense. better stick to the nonsense you love and know: YORE OWN)

A great way to banish is to simply make Noise. Bang Pots. SCREAM. Play the drums in a reckless way. Put on some music (hopefully reserved for an occasion such as this like actual tribal music) Just let it loose and let it all come down. Hell music is good for most magic (considering its only a few sigils off). Just understand the associations and the idea of the feelings/emotions involved. Putting on something sombre to get in touch with the dark part of oneself (perhaps the shadow or a fear of death) could strengthen a ritual and then putting on some Uber Sunshine Pop or Dubstep after can at least get you relocated back to go on doing whatever you'se gotsta do. THINK ABOUT IT.

Forced Laughter (as was hinted above) is incredible as well for after any Magic Occurance/Event. It might sound incredibly stupid and might make you feel even more so, but a better banishing hasnt been discovered (yet....).

Here are some other ideas/techniques for yer banishin's or even rituals:
Burning certain kinds of incense or use a smell, Dressing up differently, repetitive mantra (eg. "i am clearing all thoughts out of my head to do a ritual" or "ive done everything and im returning. lets close this motha down") breathing differently or forcefully (eg. really sudden and rapid breaths or incredibly slow deep breaths), Certain Postures, Drugs, Eucharist (better for other rituals but man Wasabi kicks ass at non thought), Chants, Putting Beans in the Corner of yer house,  Clapping, Writing, Closing ones eyes, Exercise/Derive/Wandering Walks, Doing this with yer hands (jah wobble jah wobble), Ritualistic Masturbatin/Sex (though better as a ritual for other purposes other than ITSELF), Solitare, Ritualistic Bath

Well hell just about anything else you can think of that clears the mind to make it able to do the Great Work to its fullest extent. Its a prelude to fun/work/ritual or a whole Ritual in and of itself. BUT FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. Not all of these are neccesarily banishings for YOU but they might be for some or none or a few or perhaps YOU but YOU WILL never know unless YOU DO!

Thee most crucial, essential tool in the magicians hand book before getting all up to yer nuts in guts or going for tea with yer bitter nana.

There are also many other previously made ceremonies/rituals of a Banishing Nature. As i said above, yer gonna have to study their system IF it is to be of any use to you. The basics of most (aka The Lesser Pentagram Ritual) are quite straight forward but involve at least a few weeks of study with any system they are associated with so they become Unconscious Ideas/Representations of the Forces you be messin' wit.

Now let's that I've given some tricks to you turkish delights
Its time for a few treats to hand out soma might.

Stealing Fire From Heaven by Stephen Mace (this is the only book you will need to get started on some boneified Sorcery. AOS in words you can actually understand! TAKE THAT THELEMITES! PS The banishing is VERY VERY USEFUL, lacks any symbols (unless you have something against geometry) and it involves no system study. FUCK YAR THATS TASTICULAR)

Visual Magick by Jan Fries (There aint no better book on Sigils Magic. A Freewheeling and Dealing Approach that is just straight Shamanism MON. Lists dozen of techniques to get out those spiralling images from SUBCON. TAKE THAT WART!)

Chaos & Sorcery by Nicholas Hall (The Amoral Handbook to a Bunch of Weird and Wonderful Adventures in The Mauve Zone AKA Rainy Cold Day Boredom be gone 'cause I'm (cue) THE WIZZARRRD! TAKE THAT MA! TO HELL GOOD INTENTIONS!

(BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH PS this will help anyone break down any system of thought, any religion, any magical system/tradition (thats been long standing) into something YOU, yes, YOU can interpret/understand. Or not. Hell, All is illusion anyways. or is it? Anyhow, This might take a bit of study behind some ideas (aka symbolism of the tarot/zodiac) and yer own interpretation but, c'mmmon, really thats childs play and any true Magician can take it and run TO THE MAX. Then WHO KNOWS? You might even be able to MAKE YER OWN! (hyrule magick here we come) peepee S! All you Artistes already have worked with most of that junk except Magic is more akin to a Pseudo Science than art. Or even design theory mixed with ideas of Communication n' Psychology.... But if you read last months issue.........

 BUT ENOUGH. The weary grows long in the throat and the fires are goin' frickin' cold. The lines been cut and im drifting off the land of Carbon into Spheres of a more Hydrogenized and Fancy Free Nature/
Next Time we'll get more in depth on the ideas/theory of Ritual and other fun oguns you can push in/pull out.
Till then, never forget the immortal words of one dandy gutter drenched exile:
"Nothing succeeds like excess."
Keep up the good work, peel back some layers and Don't let the Bed Bugs

Devils out!

Good fortune in!"

Dewa sono uchi ni


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