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Monday, January 17, 2011

Old School - The John Spinnaker Project

Here is a special treat for you guys! 
I know it's been awhile since I've even uttered the sentence "The John Spinnaker Project" but I thought it's about time that I dug up the lyric book for our " 7 Reasons You Wont Like This EP" 

I took the liberty to scan a few of the pages, and in the case it's not legible I have summarized the songs for you! aha I hope you enjoy this, it's our little secret!


Sealed in a Bag, in a Bag, in a Bag
Can you create castles in the clouds
With stones found in the water
Into Twist-Flip we Propel
In the Corner of your Eye
I can see Pyramids of Energy
This place of Comfort is falling apart
If you feel Groovy, Then lets see a Movie
I'll Give you a Kiss, It's Hit or Miss

Zeitgeist Escapes Fichu
No matter what I throw up
Nothings as Vile as you
You Fuck Ing Librarian Dont
Tell Me To Lower My Voice Bitch
I will wear your skin for Halloween
And when peo ple ask ( Your an )
Tell them im a mistake ( Exter )
Your tears turn me on ( Minator of Optimism )
You dark little weep doll ( A Prostitute of Obsession )
Fast Food!
Did I Mix Things Up I
Did I Mixed Things Up Oh
Hun I Mixed You Up I
Did I Mix You Up Oh
Hun I Mixed You Up

Frequent Monster Swap ( Don't Slap Me )
You know I've always found myself
Sick to my stomache with the infection of your clique
Fuck you, Fuck you!
The way you twist things into chaos
It's a never ending shitshow
of your I've got this all figured out and your supposed
Enlightenment draped in thick curtains of confusion
You will not recognize these things caught up in your candy coated dream whatever
the choices that i've witnessed
infuse me with a replenished
love for hating!
don't talk to me! don't think about me!
you will become another forgotten face!

TK + DG = Foam Fiesta
It's my primal instinct ( to want to )
touch your reproductive organs
you better be crying for this is my victory
my semen is more viscous than yours
your uterus contains the fluid of a thousand screaming virgins
and victory is sweet
you are on fire
running through the woods
from the man
running and running as fast as you can
like a bland trivial waste, oh yeah your really on fire
see degradation at slow pace, a congestion
so do you feel content there is foam
seeping from your orifice like a warm ocean tide
while i pleasure myself you realize this is the definition of irony
the grass is never greener on the other side
i've lost my love for everything

my eyes shake
your eyes shake
seeing slow and detached
fuck those birds pecking at my bodies
participating in judge-fest 2008
you wish to be and indie girl but i ( know your all the same )
twice the size on mirrors ( now thats a fucking party )
social decay ( develops )
i see it forming ( in my school )
sometimes i throw up all over myself
na na na na na na nan na na na nan na
substitute reality with the truth

if you have lost / don't own a copy of this,
grab a temporary digital download from: mediafire

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