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Sunday, October 24, 2010

O,That Voodoo that You Do-Do- Approaching The Infinite - Baby's First Grimoire

WARNING: This "Piece" is Subject tor redundant Revisions, EXTREME Editing and Massive Overhaul. This is due to the lack of planning and the sheer impulsive hurried nature of this text + the unbareable fatherfuckin' nitpicking of the author

Good Day and a Deep Throat to One and Y'all.(long story)

Here's some Food for thought=
Are you tired of feeling like a Number?
Small, Insignificant and almost pointless?
A cog in the woodworks making a "living"?
Welliky WellkiLy Wellkiky

Now (all of a sudden) The Number Two invites you to quiz this deliciously corrupt and bleak (not to mention) heartless world endlessly and force you to give it some answers (or else....c'mon.....shake harder boy....)
How would you go about doing this seemingly impossible and perhaps dangerous, tiring & perplexing task?
No Problemo
Its As Free und Easy As
1 2 3......................(bore)
So get yer finger out of yer ass with the extra-ordinary, well beyond spacetime-proven fine Art und(t) delicate Psy Phi "Science" and Cantankerous Chaotic Counter Culture of T.R.U.T.H. known as


Now what is MAGIK? Surely most children (or innocents) can give an answer to this easily, while most "Adults" will give you blank stares and try to force you into their blanck holes of boring restictive mediocrity they (mis)label "The Real World". yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn ahem,,,

Simply put MAGIK (tm) is everything and can be found everywhere since it pierces anything (bein' everything), connecting the whole bleedin' entirety (since it happens to be everything) and pretty much maintains the whole bloody chaosmos in one nicely endlessly shifting forming/unforming entropic/syntropic eternally full void of incredible mass & energy across existence, "things" and well......change foreverever.(foreverever?)

 Alrightang, well you might be all supersayan that's all fine and dandy sugar candy with cream on top but all you are doing seemingly be putting more gunk and spam on the ol viewing holes that seem to keep getting dimmer every goddess darn day. WHATS YER FUCKIN GAWD DAMN POINT?!??!?!

My objective here would be to take those old peepers and give youse some new fresh and more infotainin' ones. The quickest definition I can give is that MAGIK = Communication. Period. Still that will leave many people with more questions than Answers.  For further elaboration I'll bring up one Mr. Robert Anton Wilson's thoughts on the (anti)matter at hand from his lovely book THE ILLUMINATUS TRILOGY:

"..There is no essential difference between MAGIK, Behavior Therapy, Advertising and Christian Science." (I'd throw hynotism, debate,"non fictional" literature and many a game people play in there for good measure)

"All this, of course, is programming your own trip by manipulating appropriate clusters of word, sound, image, and emotional energy."

So there we have a bit of an idea of what we are talking about even if its still a little off and, let's face it, pretty out there. A popular working definition for MAGIK is an intentional act/deed done to cause a change/s to occur in conformity with one's will. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. So easy that anyone can do it. EVEN YOU! (ya big dummy!)

Hell with a definition like that most people are doing MAGIK all the freakin' time.

(But as we'll come to learn we are affected by other people's mojo more than we can ever realize and that much we want to change is caused by acts we are unaware of our involvement in! But isn't that just half o' the fun?) 

Of course one may ask where is all the smoke and mirrors? Where's all the robes, fancy big words and goat's blood? NO MORE! NOW! with OK Spuddroker's time proven method, we get rid of all that jazz and leave you with nothing but the solid hard Rock to secure yer thoughts and roll on out(look ma! no mo blues!).
All you need now = yer Imagination, a bit of focus/ability to criticize/introspect/meditate, a sense of humour and yer set fo life. (no more wasted moneys at the Sev ever agin!)

Still not satisfied? ARGHHHHHH AW WELL FINE.(d) BE THAT WAY! I'll even provide an EXAMPLE just to show you old whippersnappers how we roll here in the Recently Ancient and Profondly Unrepositionalphanumeric(ubergross)-aightened Collective of the Almighty Glyphil of TWO!

from the late great Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford=

"For Example, I am standing here at the podium at the head of the classroom. I am thirsty and would like a drink of water. I ask a student if he would be kind enough to bring me a glass of water. The kindly student gets up, goes to the water cooler at the back of the classroom, draws me a glass of water and delivers it to me.

This simple scenario doesn't seem very magical does it? However, from my point of view it was a miraculously successful conjuration. By strength of my will (and with only a few well-chosen magical
words of enchantment) I set into obedient motion an entire hierarchy of spiritual beings;

• I, Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford (the Deity),

• had a need which I defined and named as "thirst"
 (Divine Name of a desire formulated by the Deity).
• Activating my unambiguous spiritual authority as your teacher, I declare the Divine Name (vibrations of
sound declaring my thirst) and inspire an archangel (student) to fulfill my desire
• The archangel then activates an army of angels within himself; angels of the eye to seek out and locate the water cooler, angels of nerves and muscles and equilibrium to propel him through space and around obstacles until he reaches his goal.
• At the water cooler, the angel then employs the Intelligences and Spirits of gravity and hydrodynamics to fill the glass with water.
• The process is then reversed until the archangel delivers the water to me thereby fulfilling the will of the Deity.

TA DA! IMPRESTOMUNDO! YADDA DADA DOO! ABRACADABRA!POOF! (added for dramatic effect...please hold for applause...)

This may not be what you think of when you think of MAGIK, but I assure you it is MAGIK In fact, most of the spiritual activity that took place in the above scenario actually occurred on the invisible plane. No one could see my words of enchantment. No one could see the internal processes that inspired and propelled the student to the water cooler, or the invisible force of gravity. For all intents and purposes, I wanted a drink of water and only seconds after focusing my will upon that desire, a glass of water traveled through space and appeared in my hands."

There you have it. Pure down to earth homemade like great grandandroygny-cra MAGIK. In the following weeks I will be exploring this topic more.........profoundly N in deeper depths than eva b4. fo realz. No givesies Backsies. eva eva.

Now i leave you with the wisdom of one Dr. Leary:
"Revolution without revelation is tyranny;
Revelation without revolution is slavery."

Well now if that ain't a powder keg I don't wanna know what is......(except.....you know....nothing is)

I hope this has been enlightening for you.

OK NO-KEY Spuddsssrokerrr


If yer still not convinced or want a second opinion
Check this:


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  1. "the mystic cannot communicate,
    but the artist can."