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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And Pop! goes the Weezel.....

drrty POP! (kids. If you ever needed a reason not to do drugs...)

(turns around in chair, notices the screen world, takes foot out of mouth...)

O, Hello there and Welcome to Today's Edition of OK Spuddroker's MAGIK! Series.
Every few days or so for the next little while Herr Spuddroker will be posting a variety of Introductory Works, Theoretical Texts, Profane Grimoires and Practice Books to help one better comprehend the wonderful super duper uber welt o' MAGIK*

Split the Peach
the Seed!

 *(side note: The spelling with a K was chosen by one Uncle AL to differentiate his concept of the psycho-spiritual art und "science" from other practices, such as stage magic. The word  Magic has been used by countless magicians before and after without the K. Mr. Israel Regardie and other Magicians see no reason to surrender the word to the arena of stage magicians. Aesthetically I prefer just the K so meh just a moot point that needed to be made.)

In our grubby little hands (or on our Computers if you followed the golly gosh darn link) is POP MAGIC! by Grant Morrison. A lovable Scot who is renowned for being a Comic Book Writer of seemingly endless invention and imagination. He's done so many freakin things it's impossible to even conceive of a decent list without doing such an injustice to this spectacular human being. Personally, my favourite bit has been The Invisibles (which I think everyone should pick up, specially if you want to look deeper into the ol' Occult), but check it all out, tis quite good. HONEST ENGINE!

Any howdy who, he's put together a short wonderful little article that should get anyone in the mood for a little of the Magish. Straight forward, no b-s, and right to the point. A couple of practices, a deeper look into invocation and evocation that isn't tainted with a bunch of hub bub or fiddle faddle foo. Plus, while barely scraping the surface he makes some far reaching points on heavier issues that tend to come up (specially if yer in way o'er yer head).

One quote (which is actually a quote of Uncle AL's) that will considerably unhinge those doors of the labrynth we call the mind without completely blowing them off, I think is worthy of mention on these pages for a little clarification of many of the things said and are goin to be said:

"In this book it is spoken of the sephiroth and the paths, of spirits and conjurations, of gods, spheres, and planes and many other things which may or may not exist.  It is immaterial whether they exist or not.  By doing certain things, certain results follow; students are most earnestly warned against attributing objective reality or philosophical validity to any of them."

Trust me, without this healthy little reminder, you can get a little lost in the deep dark woods/wonderous endless bliss of yers or someone else concoction or worse: become overtly und obssesively paranoid/full of yerself. Smell the roses and enjoy but know when it's about time to force that butt off its rump and head back into the fray. Check yerself, before ye wreck yerself. One cannot help to mention the Myth of Icarus at this junction as well. But that's for another time (or figure it out yerself. cough)

Still not much better has been written for the modern mind set in recent years (everyone worthy of mentioning (lot o' nuts in this fruit bowl) has seemed moved onto bizarre outskirt sciences which are increasingly with due pace beginnning to blur the lines between the two concepts/fields more and more. AND FER VERY GOOD REASON! again look into it. i can only touch base so much before it gets chaffed). Apparently G-Mo is supposed to be expanding the POP! for a single stand alone edition (god forbid) but in the mean time, Chew (slowly. don't wanna choke now...) on THIS!

(there is supposed to be an episode of I AM WEASEL named "I AM DEITY" here but i found it way too much of a hassle to upload. If you get a chance, watch it. It will help clarify certain ideas spread out on this page like a tasty piece of toast. Or it will either confuse you so much that it may give you Brain Cancer. Either way, do yerself a favour and check'er out.)

TU TU tin
'til we meet again

OKiss my S

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